The Yoga of Siddha Tirumular: Essays on the TirumandiramTable of ContentsForeword by Dr. Suba. Annamalai, Ph. DPreface  by Dr. T.N. Ganapathy, Ph.DChapter I Introduction     KR. ArumugamChapter II  The Philosophy of the Tirumandiram  KR. ArumugamChapter III ¹aivism as Conceived in the Tirumandiram KR. ArumugamChapter IV The Yoga of the Tirumandiram  T.N. GanapathyChapter V The Mysticism of the Tirumandiram  T.N. GanapathyChapter VI The Twilight Language of the Tirumandiram T.N. GanapathyChapter VII The Concept of Human Body in the TirumandiramT.N. GanapathyChapter VIII The Concept of Guru in the Tirumandiram T.N. GanapathyChapter IX The Social Concern of the Tirumandiram KR. ArumugamChapter X  Conclusion     T.N. GanapathyAppendix A :  The Works that Unduly Claim the Authorship  Of Tirumular

Appendix B: The Categories of Souls

Appendix C:  The Symbolism of the Dance of Shiva

Appendix D:  A Brief Description of the Five M’s: Panca-Makara

Appendix E:  Pariyanga Yoga

Appendix F:  The Thirty-Six Tattvas

Appendix G:  The Twilight Terms that Occur in the Tirumandiram



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